Summer is here!

Hey models! LANCOME by Lancome Flash Bronzer Custom Color Tinted Self - Tanning Face Lotion--50ml/1.69oz

I wanted to let you know about a great new product that I used this past weekend.  It's "Flash Bronzer" by Lancome.  Since we know that sun tanning is not the best for our skin, but a tan looks great with summer clothes and colors, this is an easy way to achieve that "sun-kissed" look.  Simply exfoliate in the shower, then dry off completely and apply this tinted gel.  It does say that it is for legs, but I used it all over my body.  It's easy to apply because it's tinted, so you can see where you put it.  It works really fast (30 min.) and leaves a slight shine/sparkle to your skin!  I received a lot of compliments on my tan when I used this!  Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying.  Have fun!  Elaine